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Gratitude no dog will repay

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Mar 21, 2016

Seen too many people touched by the story about the dog, which with their open minds gives everyone tolerant, they repay the debt, seen hachikĊ story, I burst into tears, waiting for its final attribution. In fact, the dogs really do not care how its owner to give it a prosperous life, as long as it is good, staying even live in five-star home, no pets nest on high, there is no beauty, no clothes, they will be satisfied, always remember the owner's good. When the owner of the wealthy when it followed, when the owner of abjection, it, like staying forever guard master.

Now, with the people's living standards improve, more and more pets has become one of the family, I want to say is, if it wants to raise, we will have good care of it, not because of any external reason give it away and give up. There are often some of the stories on the forums, because of economic reasons, have children, family opposition for various reasons had to give up the dog, and the dog is more cruel. The only hope is the dog owner does not catch it just down the dog's life ...... only a short ten years, it will be the main people to give their lives, we will bear it right away?

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