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I am the voice of stray dogs, you know

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Mar 21, 2016

It just wanted a simple house pet it, a simple home enough. Like us, as a child to see his mother for the other children to look for that will be the envy of also ran to find her mother, dogs do? When they see other dogs in the pet owner has its own house, the owner holding them when the heart desire more of it, they are looking for? Not seek its own over how luxurious life, a simple house pets on the line, do not ask how tall the pet house, just to be able to shelter a pet house, so it is it luxury?

A few days ago to see on the news a woman waved lost dog notices the sign standing in the rain, hoping to help find it, "flower", is willing to spend 10 yuan as a reward, flower time to buy is 60 dollars, when you hear this thing, you feel? Do you think the value of it? Perhaps the spirit of the flower as the emotional aspect, can not be replaced, the owner is willing to pay more to get it back, but think of those stray dogs on the street, I feel bad, they do not have food and clothing, even the basic house pets are not no comparison to 60 dollars 100,000 from the owner of the flower as long as the share of sincere, if the community is like a flower, as the owner of intention to treat dogs, each dog has its own pet house, so there will be world more stray dogs do?