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If dogs could talk - what do you want it?

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Mar 21, 2016

If your family dog could talk, do you think it will say with you? I guess it will certainly talk about this - pet house, you sleep on the bed, it slept underground Well

You You: Well Well Well Well. Why do you have your own house, sleep in my own bed, I have to sleep in the ground yet, I have my own house pets

Well Well: You You, a recent hot summer days it is not a formal six! Very hot, I am worried that you sleep in a thick cloth kennel sweating, heat stroke, it's not just sweat bath is a smelly thing.

You You: But the floor was dirty yeah! I do not want to sleep underground, I want to pet house!

Well Well: You, you always mention how Pet apartments? Where ah? I just dragged underground clean, not dirty,

You You: Do Well, I heard next door, said Mao Mao underground moisture, I can easily get rheumatism, and even shorter life, and I do not want to leave so quickly Well Well friends, hum ....

Well Well: how to do ah? Well Well the small bed, turned around pressing worry you how to do ah!

Youyou; okay, plush wall Baba in the computer to what it gets out of a wooden house pet, very beautiful, style is also very novel, that I like to sleep in it at home ah