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We call upon humanity to stray dogs and cats can shelter a "home"

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Mar 21, 2016

I want a home, do not need much of a place, "which is the lyrics, but not only on behalf of hundreds of thousands of stray dogs and cats home mood, cats and dogs can only hope to have a place to shelter , also we are talking pet house, there own home such a request count high?

Stray cats and dogs each year because they do not own a house pet, do not own a place of shelter, and finally death of about 70,000 before seen a report annually to the surrounding university graduation season, a lot of people dropped pets, pet's life from heaven into hell, all of a sudden, I want to say is, since you do not have the ability to keep it, why not before discarding it to find a home, or in the vicinity of a building belonging to its own baby pet house, it went out looking for food and a tired back pet shelter can house it, so that does not mean it will freeze to death or be hit by a car, every time I see the street, roadside stray dogs and cats everywhere pick up to eat, sleep sleepy on the road, and my heart is full of sad, appeal to everyone, in no way really can not afford to keep its case to give it to find a good home, give it a pet shelter can house .