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Your family dog action language Know?

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Mar 21, 2016

Time flies, Qiazhiyisuan, and Miss TIMI daily life as much as half a year, at this time, a lot of interesting stories happened between us, when she locked her disobedient pets in the house to punish her, there time to put her on the roof of the house pet, calcined practicing her jumping ability, lunch or evening will consciously to the pet house to go to sleep.

For her action language are summarized as follows: 1, in front of you roar: said: hungry to eat dog food, or to going to the toilet, take her stroll; 2, when you go home, she climbed galloping on the legs, just want you to hold her, she wanted a major; 3, when you eat, she called in front of you, which means you give her to eat a bowl of meat. 4, you decumbent open feet, he said to grab you itch; 5, ran out of the middle of the night to climb in your house pet bed called, and said to the toilet on the matter; 6, she obediently sat Pet House Lane, said she is very obedient, you have to commend her for her snacks to eat; 7, she containing the ball in front of you, you said to accompany her to play.

Sometimes a dog just like your children, where they go with, sometimes like a toy, make you happy the happiness mood, so I gave her a tall wooden house pets on her, and she can thank me , whether you want to sleep, like sticking her pet house. Ha ha!