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Dog Cage Is Not A Penalty Tool

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 21, 2017

  It is very suitable for dogs and dogs in the city. A dog cage can greatly reduce your burden, more convenient for you to dog training for the family. In general, the cages are designed to be easy to carry in the form of folding, when not in need to fold them up. Travel easy to carry, on weekdays work busy at home is also more convenient.

  The size of the dog cage

  The size of the dog cage should let the dog's sitting and lying are not restricted: you can lie down and stretch your limbs; sit down and stand will not touch the head, you can easily turn around. Some people also use dog cage to feed the dog, while others do not have the dog to do the family training. The size of the dog cage to be based on specific size.

  Comfortable and warm

  Dog cages should be arranged in a comfortable and warm nest, not just plastic and metal structures. You can pad a lot of soft cloth inside as a dog bedding, such as pillows, blankets, etc., do not use the old newspaper, or puppy will think that this is the place of pee. You can also put some toys in the dog cage and dog bite to the dog to play, the basin is a must. Be careful not to let the water overflow, let it caught in the cage side, so as not to overturn.

  Dog cage is not a penalty tool

  Never use the dog cage as a dog's punishment tool, and if your dog is closed, then you should use the baby fence to surround the dog. Dog cage keywords should be: comfortable, safe.