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Dog Furnitures 12 Kinds Of Introduction

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Sep 05, 2017

Pets as a good friend of mankind, gave us too much fun time. They love us and we are the only ones. Those meow mom dogs and fathers naturally feel how to love their little baby is not enough. But it is really a problem to want to make them comfortable, and not to let the furnishings of the house become cluttered with pets.

1. Round Cat Nest

The Cat's Nest, which is fixed on the wall, saves both ground space and the nature of cat jumps. The radian is designed to make the cat curl in the nest more comfortable.

2. Doll Bed Kennel

The mini bed feels like it's in the Barbie house, and it just plugs into the closet, cleverly exploiting space.

3. Modern style feeding Bowl

Clear wood texture can be a good mix of some exaggerated home style, such as the bohemian carpet of the wind.

4. Invisible Dog Cage

As a dog can also have its own room, as well as curtains, this is how advanced treatment ah.

5. Meow Star Display Stand

Worried about cats jumping on the shelves and bumping things down? Then make the shelves and let them play. The first time the guest came home, he would have thought that the cat on the top was a big fright.

6. Cupboard Dog House

If you had a mini dog, the closet would suit you. Its structure is very simple, inside is hollow, on the outside open a small door for pets to freely access.

7. Living room side table with cat litter box

Ingenious arrangements can be incorporated into this small space by all the shovel tools.

8. Bookshelf Amusement Park

Winding the shelves with hemp rope becomes a good place for people to play with their paws. Lower squares can be used for water and food. It occupies a small but functional range.

9. semicircle Small Dining Table

This prevents the big dog from eating when the head is too low. and neatly placed, very design sense.

10. Can DIY suitcase kennel

What if the broken suitcase of a wheel or lever doesn't work? This piece of furniture items provides us with new ideas, can be split into half then put on a comfortable cushion, immediately become a dog's warm nest.

11. Meow Person Feeding Suit

If you don't tell you it's a pet thing, you might think which restaurant's cutlery. Classic white feeling noble elegance, even water bowls are double design. Snacks and cat food are also placed on pallets.

12. Bunk Bed

The upper and lower layer of space is very large, suitable for home with a number of pets. Don't take up too much space because you have to put a lot of cushions.