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Dog Playpen Size Is Generally Small

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 08, 2017

  Dog Playpen size is generally small, suitable for small dogs in the room, dog cage is easy to carry, go out to compare the use of folding Dog Playpen high-strength steel wire and steel pipe material, outer spray treatment. Solid texture, excellent anti- Dog Playpen with a tray, you can pull out, easy to clean up the dog toilet, folding, Dog Playpen for family and pet shop more pet dog feeding.

  The Dog Playpen is mainly welded, sprayed, injection, electroplated surface treatment, Dog Playpen with high quality steel wire, Dog Playpen with surface treatment are spray, plastic, electrophoresis, chrome, galvanized, imitation gold, according to customer requirements were processed Processing, but also to OEM, Dog Playpen structure of the compact, clean and beautiful appearance, making folding and dismantling the cage more convenient and quick, will not take up too much space.

  For many people, the Dog Playpen looks like a prison, but for those who know the cage from the training of dogs, the Dog Playpen is their favorite, but also the safest place typhoon shelter. The Dog Playpen should be the most comfortable place, do not leave the dog in the cage for no reason, they will be regarded as punishment. (Why a lot of dogs can not adapt to the owner's orders, because regardless of whether the paparazzi can come out or not, it is also regarded as a punishment.

  It is so, when they come out will be unraveled, although they know will be punished, big deal is only in the cage only. If you have free reference to some foreign dog books, but also very advocated in the puppy period began to use cage training. Before starting the cage training, first put the cushion in the cage, put a water bottle, some fun toys and can bite the bones, cage doors must be opened. Command the paparazzi into the cage, and then use the delicious biscuits to lure it into its own new nest.