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Homemade Simple Cat Toys

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 31, 2017

  Homemade simple cat toys

  Cats are genuely lively, and if they do not give them some toys that can divert their attention, they will focus all the way on how to give you trouble. Cat toys must buy it? In fact, as long as a little hands, you can give the cat to provide a very intimate little toys.

  One, paper group

  This is the easiest toy. Just to find a group of printing paper or newspaper into a ball, the cat will play the same full house Sahuan. cat toys Kitchen with the foil is also a good choice yo!

  Second, plastic vials

  In the abandoned plastic small bottle inside a few grains or rice, tighten the bottle. A toy with a sound of the toy to do it! If you are afraid of the neighbors downstairs, you can wrapped in some vials above the wool or fine linen rope.

  Third, table tennis

  And a no processing of toys. Of course, cat toys in order to prevent the sound is too large, you can also wrapped in wool or fine hemp rope.

  Four, flashlight / mirror / laser pen

  After the lights off at night with a flashlight or daytime with a mirror to reflect the sun, in the wall or floor cast back and forth to move the beam or spot, cat toys I am afraid there are few cats can resist this temptation. You can only gently move the wrist can make it tired of the four feet overturned, no effort to trouble. Laser pen is also a good choice, just use the time to avoid the cat's eyes, so as not to hurt it.

  Five, chicken feathers + straw

  Chicken hair + straw can do a very easy to tease cat sticks. First 2-3 straws together, with a transparent tape fixed, and then a few sticky feathers. Okay, cat toys now you can fight with the cat! Look at the iron claw brave, or chicken feast it!

  Speaking of here, the little meow also want to say something extravagant. We have not found, the cat's happiness even so simple. cat toys We think it is rubbish things will give them endless fun. It seems that we really should learn from these lovely little creatures to cherish, learn to enjoy life, enjoy it!