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How To Prevent The Cat From Scratching The Furniture.

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Feb 28, 2017

I believe a lot of people have the same felling about cat.

When you back to home after a day's work,open the door,you house is in a mass.

You must be very crash.But your cat is still innocent looking at you.Because the kitty don't know what he did.This is their nature.


Then I share with you some of our experiences on this. Of course, will not be useful, but we can try!

1.Generally the cat will not catch the sofa, until it grows to three or four months when the claws began to develop, it will find something caught, then my method is to cut off its nails, which is the root of the law! (Do not catch the best not to cut!)

2.If the cat will catch, then we can catch the cat in the head of the time, and give it a cat scratch board, let it in the above grasp, then you can give it some food (the formation of conditioned reflex)


3.If these are not enough to subdue the bad habits that only spray the pepper on the sofa water, and then my home practice, some people sprayed lemonade I have not tried, we can try. It is best to spray next to the sofa.

4.When these are useless when it is only in the sofa package a thick cloth (cat catch the kind of bad), this is no way to approach! Of course you can also buy red wood sofa instead!

5.BUT NOW !!!

  You can choose our cat tree,cat tower,cat furniture.

  Make a playground for your cat and keep your furniture from damage.