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Interactive Pet Dog Furniture Design Points

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 18, 2017

  Interactive pet dog furniture design points

  1 saving space

  With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's quality of life requirements are getting higher and higher, spacious and comfortable residential environment is one of the most basic needs. Although the traditional pet furniture to meet the needs of pets, but also too much to squeeze people's living space, such as in the living room or bedroom placement of wood, steel frame pet furniture, will inevitably have a certain impact on people's daily action, dog furniture Reduce the quality of life. Interactive furniture avoids this situation. Because the interactive furniture will be pet furniture attached to the daily necessities of daily necessities, such as sofas, beds, etc., so that furniture will take up some space, and people have long been accustomed to, will not produce a corresponding negative Psychology, in the interactive furniture with pet furniture part, you can greatly save space.

  2 pet psychological point of view

  The traditional pet furniture is difficult to use the "pet era" the actual needs, in addition to its large area, the use of low interest-related, dog furniture the main can be attributed to its departure from the pet psychological. In daily life, pets both need to maintain close contact with the owner, but also very eager to have an independent space, which is the pet at home will appear sticky master and seek their own space contradictory reasons. Interactive furniture design is based on the pet of this unique psychological, both to its independent space, at the same time, there is a very convenient and the owner to carry out various forms of communication and activities, do both.

  3 material

  Interactive pet furniture as a type of furniture, need to serve both pets and people, that is, in the design process, the need to meet the needs of people and pets at the same time. In general, the daily furniture commonly used materials for wood, leather, fabric, etc., and pet furniture for wood, plastic, stainless steel and so on. Therefore, in the interactive pet furniture design, the material to wood-based, which can meet the needs of pets and people at the same time. Of course, interactive pet furniture design should pay attention to the diversification of materials, such as the use of people in the part of the wood materials and fabrics, and in the pet part of the use of wood materials, stainless steel or plastic-based need.

  4 creative

  Interactive pet furniture compared to the general pet furniture, the more emphasis on pet psychology, of course, dog furniture also very important people and pets when the emotional state of exchange, therefore, furniture in the design must be "people and pets live in harmony" for Theme, to carry out related creative activities.

  to sum up

  Pet furniture as a pet keeping essential content, the healthy growth of pets and the harmony of people and pets have a very important role. However, dog furniture the traditional pet furniture is no doubt difficult to meet this requirement. Interactive pet furniture as a new pet furniture, both the needs of people and pet psychology, both to meet the pet and the owner of the common needs, but also as much as possible to reduce the impact of pet furniture on daily life. In this regard, the designer needs from the interactive pet furniture development trend, take a good targeted strategy.