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Pet Toys Development Process

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 31, 2017

  Pet toys development process

  The development of pet toys is from natural to artificial manufacturing, and return to the natural process, with other human products and daily necessities, from simple to luxury, and from luxury to simple history, because at the beginning, the dog And cat toys is very simple, such as the natural bones, small balls, the owner of the shoes and hats, socks, etc., in the human consciousness to give their pets pet toys, when they began to deviate from the pet's point of view And aesthetic point of view, and even made some strange toys, from the human point of view of their own words, it is very creative, but after the birth, after a long run-in barely let the pet to accept this toy, And then later, in the human real focus on the pet above the visual time, it really created in line with the pet preferences and really cause the pet interest in toys, the real care of pets, such as in the domestic and foreign markets above the more environmentally friendly pets Toys: gourd pet toys, sisal pet toys, cotton and linen pet toys, cotton-filled pet toys, etc.

  Pet toy development trend

  Since the pet toys log in the market, in a very rapid situation in the development, because with the return of humanism, in human thought generally believe that pets as human intimate partnership began to mark the pet market, including pet clothes, Pet food, pet toys, pet jewelry, pet Wowo, and pet funeral and so on a variety of pet around the needs are emerging, one of the main trends is: environmental protection and the real intimate care of the pet The market will become the mainstream market trend.

  New types of pet toys

  As a relatively intimate friend of mankind, but can help the dog to remove tartar, fresh tone, the key is to eat even if the stomach can be digested, the inside of the pet is no harm!

  Pet toys new trend

  So as a new category of loofah toys, with a new era and effectiveness! Will be the future development trend.