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Pick A Suitable Dog Cage For The Dog

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 05, 2017

  Pick a suitable dog cage for the dog

  Dog cage can be roughly divided into steel dog cage, square tube dog cage, pet air box, pet fence, pet bag and other categories. dog cage The following Xiaobian special introduction for the dog to choose the benefits of steel dog cage it.

  Most of this cage can be assembled, folded, more convenient to transport, when not in time to save space. This kind of cage is more common in the market, dog cage  pet owners choose a great degree. It is cheap and easy to clean, occupy the current pet cage most of the market. But it is indeed a questionable question whether the cages are equally welcomed by dogs. This pet is cold and hard, very inconsistent with the dog's subconscious in the "shallow hole" requirements. And do not say whether it will wear the dog's coat, just the dog's paws, it is easy to be steel wire injury, so now on the market a lot of wire cage are prepared very close, or attached pad. But now a lot of brand cage technology has been a great improvement, to avoid this Mishap.

  In everyday applications, people find a unique place in the wire cage: allow dogs to defecate in the cage. Due to the gap between the wires, the feces can fall into the tray under which the master is prepared in advance. dog cage This feature was quickly used by some of the owner, especially some of the small dog family is not easy to go out, the wire cage is to help them busy. Although this way is not worth advocating, but for some do not know how to train dog defecation of the family, the choice of steel cage to limit the location of dog defecation, dog cage there is no way in the way. Buy a wire cage must pay attention to its size size is appropriate for your dog, because if the size is too small, the dog turn or stand difficult, then it will damage their coat. Also remember to be covered in the bottom of the soft mat, to prevent the dog's dog's claws (except the bowel zone).