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Teach You How To Choose Cat Toys

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 18, 2017

  Teach you how to choose cat toys

  The owner sometimes can not always be accompanied by the time in the cat, the cat will appear very lonely, so a lot of "cat dad" "cat mother" choose to buy some toys to the cat. Toys to accompany, help the cat to pass the time, cat toys so that they feel so lonely, to enhance their sense of happiness, to reduce their pressure.

  And in the choice of toys, what needs to pay attention to it?

  The material of the toy

  Pet toys are divided into a variety of materials, in general, there are polyethylene and latex toys, nylon and rubber toys, rope toys and plush toys. Different materials, different durability of toys, the cat is biting is different.

  Cats usually play a good habit of playing toys, cat toys we should be based on their habits to choose toys.

  Such as the cat if the habit of bite, do not choose for his plush toys, plush toys intolerable bite, if the cat bite bad toys swallow some parts, the cat's health will also be affected; He chooses the nylon rubber toy, the cat will feel more interesting, choose the rope toy, drag the cat's teeth also benefit.

  The size of the toy

  The size of the toy according to the size of the cat to choose.

  Some toy cats play when the child is suitable, cat toys but grow up will be very small, this time should be discarded. Because the cat may be directly swallowed the toy stuck in the throat causing danger.


  Select the toy as far as possible to avoid the above there are many small parts, because the cat may be eating food damage to the cat's throat or gastrointestinal tract.

  In addition, try not to be home scrapped shoes and socks and other items used as cat toys. Because the cat once used to the form of this toy, cat toys will think that this kind of thing can be used as a toy. So when they get used to, after the damage is not scrapped shoes and socks, the pot they can not back Oh!

  When the cat chooses the right toy, the owner should give them encouragement and will be able to distinguish between bite and can not bite things.