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There Are Many Kinds Of Dog Cages

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 11, 2017

  There are many kinds of dog cages

  There are many types of dog cages, so the selectivity is relatively large, dog cages are generally made of thicker wire, and then at the bottom of a base with wheels, on the bottom of the wheel is to facilitate the movement of a pet cage. You should also make a door in the right place to make your pet easier to feed, so a simple dog cage is made. A lot of dog cages are designed to make a small plate on the base, in order to make pet Baba can be easily and quickly clean up, but also to keep the pet's health environment clean and sanitary, if there is no waste box, the pet's excreta will be on the ground, rather unsanitary. A plate will be handy to take out the box to clean the dirty things will be more hygienic.

  Dogs are the earliest domesticated animals of human beings, often called "the most faithful Friends of man". Dogs have 220 million olfactory cells, 250 times times as many as humans, and can tell the different concentrations of odor emitted by about 2 million substances. There are certain rules in a dog's society, and they never attack opponents who fall off their stomachs. When a dog sleeps in the back of his stomach, it is reassuring or trusting that it can be seen or touched by a person's belly. The dog has the territory habit, is oneself occupies certain scope, and protects, does not allow other animals to invade. They use the anus gland secretion to make feces have a special odor, sweat glands between the toes secretion of sweat and with hind limbs to draw on the ground, as a territory mark.