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There Are Many Types Of Dog Playpen

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 08, 2017

  There are many types of Dog Playpen, so the selectivity is relatively large, the Dog Playpen is generally made of relatively thick wire, and then get a base with a wheel at the bottom, at the bottom of the wheel is installed to facilitate a Pet with a move. Should also be in the right place to make a door to facilitate the feeding of pets, so that a simple dog cage made into. A lot of Dog Playpen in the design of the time will be in the base to get a small plate, so that when the pet pull Baba can quickly and easily clean up, but also make the pet health environment to keep clean and healthy, if there is no box of excreta, Pet excrement will get to the ground, quite unhealthy. There is a plate will be very convenient to remove the box out of the dirty things will be more hygienic cleaning.

  Dogs are the earliest domesticated animals, often referred to as "the most faithful friends of mankind." The dog has 220 million olfactory cells, 250 times the human, can distinguish about 2 million kinds of substances issued by different concentrations of odor. There are certain rules in the dog's society, and they never attack the opponents who shed their belly. The dog will lie down to sleep in the day that it is assured or trust, will let people see or let people touch its stomach. Dogs have territoriality, that is, they occupy a certain range, and to protect, do not let other animals invade. They use the anal gland secretions so that the stool has a special smell, toe sweat glands secrete sweat and hind hamstring on the ground drawing, as the territory of the mark.