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Where The Dog Cage Is Very Critical

Edit: Anji Kaifeng Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 21, 2017

  Where the dog cage is very critical, it is necessary to be able to integrate into the whole family, but also to avoid the main activity area. If you are in the living room activities, enjoyable, and the dog alone in another room, this will make the dog feel depressed depressed, can not settle down. In addition, let the children know that the dog cage is not a toy, when the dog stay in the dog cage inside, do not bother them.

  1, let the dog himself groping into the cage, and do not force them into it, you can use the feeding, throwing snacks or toys to make the dog to establish a positive association, and always open the cage door waiting for him

  2, once the dog into the cage, we can start the next step: prepare a rich and attractive dinner, into the cage, but not let the dog into, so that dogs can see, smell, but into Do not let the dog feel depressed, this time you open the cage door, let him go. In the dog when eating close to the cage door, until the dog is finished and then open the cage door, collar dogs to the toilet.

  3, repeat this action until your dog likes to take the cage - if the dog is in the cage inside. Look at you with hope, this time that you have succeeded. At this time you can start to extend the dog's time in the cage to eat and sleep time. In addition to sleep in the cage inside the night, the dog must be kept in the day when the rest is still in the cage. You have to make sure there are fun toys and dog bite in the cage. Before the dog into the cage, you have to make sure that the dog has got enough exercise today.